Laundry Purifier

Daily thank you’s from your clothes and skin

Cleanest of clean, no detergent necessary.

Introducing the Platinum Ionic Laundry Purifier, a machine that combines the technology of our legendary Platinum Air Purifier with the research and knowledge drawn from over two decades of daily use in hospitals where the need for clean, sanitized and bacteria free laundry is not important…it’s critical. Now available for use in the home, the Platinum Ionic Laundry Purifier installs in slightly more time than it takes to hang a picture, infusing the wash water with powerful ions and activated oxygen to provide you with the cleanest, freshest smelling laundry possible, all the while saving you and your family hundreds of dollars a year in detergent and energy costs.



Save Money with Every Wash

Save as much as $600/year (family of 4)

Less Detergent

Less Hot Water

Use Little to No Detergent

Fewer Chemicals in Waterways

Fewer Plastic

Containers in Landfills

Eliminates Bacteria & Mold

Kills Bacteria

Reduces Skin Sensitivities

Hospital Proven

Cleans with Cold Water

Clothes, Towels & Linens are Softer & Fluffier

Clothes Smell Fresh and Clean

The Technology

Water treated by PLATINUM kills bacteria and viruses and lifts away dirt and grime without depositing chemicals in wastewater or leaving residual detergent in fabric.

  1. Cold tap water enters the system through this hose.

  2. The Control Board turns the system on automatically.

  3. The water passes through the Magnetic Ionizer/Descaler.

  4. Transforming the Water:
    a. Humidity is removed by the Desiccant Dryer to increase levels of ozone creation.
    b. The Oxidation Module creates concentrated gaseous ozone and electrical charges (ions).
    c. The appropriate Venturi (as selected during installation) injects the ozoneand ions into the flowing water.

  5. The Static Mixer ensures that the water reaches maximum dissolved ozone and ionization.

  6. The infused water exits the system through this hose and enters the user’s washing machine.

  7. Obtain infused water for powerful cleaning around the house through the Household Cleaning port.

Cost to Heat Water (Electric)

8 loads x 40 gallons = 320 gallons

320 Gallons x 0.2 kWh = 64 kWh

64 kWh x $0.11 = $7.04

$7.04 x 52 = $366.08 in Electricity

Cost to Buy Laundry Detergent

8 Loads x 52 Weeks = 416 Loads/Year

416 Loads ÷ 32 oz./Load = 13 Containers

13 Containers x $10.89 = $141.57 in Laundry Detergent

Cost to Buy Fabric Softener

8 loads x 52 weeks = 416 loads/year

416 loads ÷ 40 loads = 11 containers

11 containers x $5.99 = $65.89 in Fabric Softener

Cost to Buy Bleach

3 loads x 52 Weeks = 156 loads/year

156 loads x 8 oz. = 1,248 oz.

1,248 oz. ÷ 96 oz./container = 13 containers

13 containers x $2.99 = $38.87 in Bleach