Point-of-Use Systems (POU) serve as a final barrier to the contaminants of concern just prior to the point that water is used or consumed, for example under your sink.

Point-of-Use Options

You have several choices when it comes to treating your water at the POU. Pitchers that use carbon filters can be an inexpensive solution. However, the best options for everyday use and performance are our exclusive line of Water Filters or Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Reverse Osmosis Sytems (RO)

Reverse Osmosis systems force water under pressure through a semipermeable membrane and a series of pre-filters then into a storage tank that holds the treated water until it’s needed. A dedicated external faucet is included so that the stored water is only used when desired.

Multi Stage Filtration

Smart Living Water Purification “Multi Stage Filtration Cartridge” utilizes a series of micro filtration devices and special absorbent compounds, strategically layered for complete purification

Smart Living Water Purification’s point of use water system produces the purest water for drinking and cooking. 

Why Smart Living Water Purification?

We Build Custom Configured Point-of-Use Solutions

Smart Living Water Purification will conduct a water quality test at your home.

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Testing Water Quality

For hardness (calcium & magnesium), Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Acidity (pH)

Assessing the Results from Independent Laboratories

For microbial, organic, inorganic or mineral contamination or substances

Performing a Visual Inspection

To assess the home’s plumbing and water-consuming fixtures and appliances

Determining the Average Water Demand

Demand is based on the number of people in the home and water-consuming fixtures and appliances. Your water utility bill showing cu/ft used for the prior 3 months can also be used to determine your average water demand.

Common Issues Point-of-Use Systems Solve

Water Filters and RO Systems both filter out unwanted substances in your water.

Water Filter cartridges are best for reducing bacteria, cysts, chemicals and chlorine taste & odor. Water Conditioner cartridges have the added benefit of also reducing sediment and heavy metals such as lead.

Water Purifier cartridges reduce chemicals, chlorine taste & odor with the added benefit of an ultrafiltration membrane for retention of bacteria, cysts & viruses. Kits are available that allow the filters to be connected to a separate, dedicated drinking water faucet.

Maintenance for both includes periodic changing of the filter cartridges.

RO system filter modules include: A pre-filter that captures larger particles, chlorine and other substances, a semipermeable membrane filter that captures finer contaminates, and an activated carbon filter that takes care of residual taste, odor and additional organic contaminants. RO systems reduce bacteria, cysts, sediment, chemicals, lead & other heavy metals, dissolved solids, chlorine taste and odors.

Maintenance for RO systems include periodic replacement of the pre-filter, semi-permeable membrane and activated carbon filter cartridges.